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legal basis


Preparation for certification
a) for EMAS II, registration for EC-ecology audit (valid Europe wide)
b) for ISO 14001 (worldwide)
  • Short assessment
  • Analyses and environmental check
  • Concept development and advice during implementation
  • Training and internal audit
  • Other supervisions

Other emphasises :

  • Management of waste chemicals (waste drafts) for industry, small industry, Communities
    Selection, classification directives and hazardous materials enactment for road transports (GGVSE),
    documentation, packaging, preparation for transport to the chemical disposal companies, audits
  • Establishment and maintenance of dump for
    hazardous materials
  • Supervision of works with hazardous substances Documentation, training for employees, acquirement or work directives according to the ordinance on hazardous substances, surveillance and implementation of all legal instructions and other demands (such as work protection)
  • Prevention of failures, accidents and official complaints

Benefit of environmental consulting for the company

  • Reduction of environmental pollution (ecological benefits)
  • Savings (economical benefits)
  • Risk reduction of liabilities (e.g. documentation, work directives)
  • Legal security (defining legal positions to environment officials)
  • Competitive edge (quality and efficiency)
  • Build up of a good proactive environment management

Costs on demand

  • Offer depending after audit of subject
  • transparency of invoice charges


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